The Mighty Fallen - Eccentric Funk Rock

In the last two years the band has gone from small pubs with zero fans to taking coaches to premier venues in Hoxton London. They have enjoyed live acoustic radio interviews. The band also had a break with Wild Festivals last year and has been booked for 3 more this year. TMF has had big success with a worldwide audience and over 60k streams on the Spotify platform.

Tell us, ¿What is The Mighty Fallen?

The Mighty Fallen band are a band that has grown out of diversity. Formed in 2012, Eclectic, eccentric and a bit confused and messy . Our music is all of those things, but it has something else. Something you just can't put your finger on that makes people follow.

Who conform The Mighty Fallen?

TMF is conformed by Mark Bowers Bass, Mat Champney Vox and Guitar, James Cowan Vox and lead, Max Champney Drums. Mathew Champney is without doubt the driving force and main composer in the band and his mildly eccentric nature and enviable zest for life is evident throughout the bands music. In 2012, Mat got together with guitarist and vocalist, James Cowan and a friendship was struck and the two immersed themselves in musical composition, spending endless hours putting together complex and accomplished progressions, . It was a couple of years later that the guys were joined by (then) bassist Dan Sheehan and drummer Max Champney and the Mighty Fallen was formed.

Max brings a youthful energy to the band and his percussive skills don't stop behind his kit, his love of electronic drum technology and as an avid drum and bass DJ, with big plans to inject an element of these influences into The Mighty Fallen's stage sound.

The bands current lineup was completed in 2015 with the addition of Bassist, Mark Bowers . Mark was a long time musician and friend with Mathew and used to be in a band called Smoog in the 90's.With a wicked sense of rhythm and funky melody + laid back coolness.

What's next for TMF?

With an EP and a double concept album "Artificial Ignorance" and the earworm acoustic song Door to Door Dreamer ,that continues to woo audiences, firmly under their belt The Mighty Fallen return to Mark's hometown Basildon for an acoustic gig in The Edge pub on Thursday 28th February and with Captain Jack Sparrow (Essex ) doing the sound engineering! We do hope he dresses for the part!

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