ENILSounds a One-Woman-Band

ENILSounds is a “one-woman-band” from Denmark. The style of her compositions are closer to soft-synth electronic popmusik and some would call it New age. You will find in her lyrics life, love and losses. Let's know more about this amazing artist from one of the world's most peaceful societies.

Tell us, when did you start making music? and how?

I have always had a lot of music in my head, and as a child I was singing all the time - but shy as I was - only by myself. When I was grown up, I found out that people actually liked me to sing, and when I inherited my grandpa's old piano some years back, I tried to learn how to play. I never became very good at that, but I could make chords and put them into my computer. In that way I managed to make tracks I could sing to. It was a great pleasure to find out that I could and I shared my music on Soundcloud and got a lot of musical relations all over the world. Many of them release their own music on Itunes etc. and I decided to do the same.

You're also a playlist curator right? I spend a lot of time listening to music from indie/upcoming artists and I have started to curate playlists for new music - that is great fun and very inspiring . If you are interested, you can submit your music for free here in TuneMunk: https://tunemunk.com/new-releases-2018/ . This is one of my playlists, didn't change the name yet, but have current music.

What do you expect for the future?

I sing in two bands with mainly cover music, but I hope to be able to do concerts with my own music in the future. That is my goal as well as trying to make more music.

You can listen to Enil Sound here:

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