Chris Adams - Virtuosity on 6 Strings

Today we have spoken with this amazing guitarist, Chris Adams. Pure Virtuosity on 6 Strings.

Lets see what he told to us!

When did you know that music was the right Path for you?

I think probably when I was twelve I had been playing drums since I was eight years old emulating the late Jon Bonham, I had become infatuated With Jimi Hendrix so I asked My father if I could take my snare drum to the local music store and try and swap it for electric guitar, My Father said no so I took it anyway then had to hide the guitar for months. At this time in my life all I wanted was to do music.

What Do you like most about what you do?

I only record and write when I am really inspired, I have a studio in my garage with full drum kit, guitars basses and Keyboards. So when I am inspired I just lock myself away and produce. This for me has always been a great way to express how I feel. My English is not so good, I failed at school but I always felt that English as a language was inadequate for me to express how I feel but music was infinitive.

What do you most hope to accomplish with Your music?

Two things, the first I believe I am accomplishing now, that is to reach the heart of the listener, to touch deep emotions and bring relief. For the listener to experience something deep, something that you do not get from shallow pop music. Goosebumps and healing.

The second thing I most want to accomplish is to leave a legacy for my Children.

That they can be proud and perhaps also some financial support for them.

What is the biggest obstacle you have faced in your career and how did you overcome it?

My biggest obstacle is lack of support from some family members, who can sometimes be nasty about my music. I use this energy to inspire me to keep going no matter what.

Are you Working On new music.

I am working on an album just now, I have maybe 3 tracks left to record.

I am also just releasing a single . A red hot version of Pachelbels Canon for Rock Guitar. Canon Rock ( The Ultimate Version )

You can listen this new song here!

Message to fans.

Thank you for following my music, I hope you continue to follow and that in the music there is something deep and worthwhile. Its all about you.

You can follow and listen to Chris here:



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