BETWEEN THE ENEMY is a duo of singer songwriters Mike Cameron (vocals, guitars and strings) and Jeff Lee (vocals, piano and strings). Their music is hard to categorize and ever evolving but if pressed would be a combination of Indie/Alternative and melodic folk rock influences.

We have talked with them, and this is what they told to us:

How did you meet?

Mike and Jeff first met back in 1999 playing in the cover band Hazy Jane. The duo took turns voicing the band until Mike's departure several years later. Mike went on to pursue his passion in the recording industry working in one of Canada's premiere studios, Metal Works. One of his most memorable highlights was being a part of the making of Ian Gillan's album "Gillan's Inn" released in 2006.

In 2004 Jeff started the cover band Table 13 along with his brother Rick Lee and lead guitarist Vito Bellomo. They soon found bassist Derek Guy and drummer Ross Mclellan and Table 13 was born. Performing at various venues all over Ontario having the privilege of meeting so many inspiring musicians and music enthusiasts, only fueled Jeff’s passion to write and perform his own work.

How did Between The enemy come to be?

After years of pursuing different paths the two once again found themselves together at Mikes recording studio with Jeff needing advice on some recording equipment. With the issue quickly resolved Mike and Jeff decided to hold an impromptu jam session where both were surprised to find how effortless their song writing was together. Mike states that "we both agreed that there was something special happening and worth continuing to see where it would lead us" and so began what is now Between The Enemy!

What is the creative process like in Between The Enemy?

What began as one or two melodies soon became a long list of songs that would eventually need to be sorted and evaluated. (Jeff) "We both have very similar musical tastes and influences..Matt Good, The Tragically Hip, Tea Party, Blue October and these similarities makes many of the song writing decisions easy. (Mike) " Jeff is usually in charge of writing the lyrics for our songs where the melodies are very much a collaborative effort. My job is generally building on these melodies with guitars and strings, molding them into a Between The Enemy single”. (Jeff) “I can’t tell you how many times we would come to the exact same conclusion to a song idea, or voice an opinion only to say that I was thinking the very same thing”. It definitely makes for an easy collaboration and helps the song evolve without all the hindrances that can easily side track the creative process”.

What can we expect from Between The Enemy in 2019?

2019 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for Between The Enemy and their fans. With over 30 songs written and near completion, fans can expect monthly releases of new songs as well as special events and performances. We would like to thank all our family, friends and fans for all their love and support. Without it none of this would be possible! Thanks again to each and every one of you who has believed in us and our music and we hope to make 2019 an incredible year for Between The Enemy!

Here you can listen our new single Same You Same Me!

All our love!

Mike & Jeff

We would also like to thank contributing artists:

Bass: Howard Ayee

Drums: Keith Heppler

Backing Vocals: Cameron Lee

Accordian: Justin Pedersen

Mix Engineers: Jamie Quaile & Francis Felice

Special Thanks to Entertainment Canada for your continuing support

You can follow this amazing band here:

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