Aniello Guerra - Producer / Curator

Here we are with this amazing producer from Italy. Aniello lives now on Germany making more and more House and Deep House music to makes us dance and jump.

Let's see what Aniello told us in this interview:

So, Aniello the common question, when do you start making music, and how?

I've been making music for quite a while now, 20 years to be more accurate. I started, out like anyone else who does music, in a band, as a keyboardist. Later, as a solo artist, I started to establish myself a little bit. My interest has always been in electronic music so I started producing music myself and making it available to the world. But as you know, this industry is not so easy to get known and as I always say music is a matter of taste. It takes a lot of patience to build a small fanbase and then keep it.

Fact, it's very hard to get and keep a fanbase, so, where you show your work? Contests, distro?

I've won several remix competitions on MetaPop, you probably know this page.With my own stuff I have had partial success, on Soundcloud my music is not so bad, and also on Spotify iTunes I cannot complain complain. You have to listen to my music, and then judge if it meets the tastes of others. I was very proud of these projects, the artists liked what I produced there

Are you working in something new these days and how you get inspired to make these great tracks?

I'm actually focused on my own stuff right now.

I am currently working on a new Deep House, House track, but there is still a lot to be done.

I like to be inspired by other artists in this genre. So I can gather some ideas, and then concentrate on my songs. I always start with a chord so that I can find the right melody. Then I gradually add drums and the basses. But as I said it is a lot of work, until I am satisfied with the result

Any goals or anything you want to say to your fans?

My goals are to inspire many people with my music and then create something new. My style is different, so I want to impress many with it.-

Now lets hear the new single One Dos Tres by our featured guest Aniello Guerra!

Aniello has other passion: Support and helps new artists like him. And for that, Aniello also curate playlists on Spotify, he already has 5 amazing playlist that you cannot miss!

Stream and follow them! you'll not regret!

Here are these amazing playlists:

"Best Workout Gym playlist 2019" :

"Let's get ready to rumble":

"Mary had a Lamb - Play it cool":

"Un po'di Italia":

"Undiscovered Indie Artist| but brilliant"

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